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Natural Sciences Collection

A.E. Gibbs, one of the founders of St Albans Museums.

A.E. Gibbs, one of the founders of St Albans Museums.

These collections include minerals, fossils, birds' eggs, butterflies and beetles. They are housed in suitable storage and are only accessible by appointment.

Please contact Verulamium Museum, 01727751810

Most of the specimens were collected by individuals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and donated to the Hertfordshire County Museum (now the Museum of St Albans). A major contributor was A. E. Gibbs, an important figure in the establishment of the County Museum. The last substantial acquisitions were made in the 1940s to provide an educational resource, and the Museum Service is no longer actively adding to these collections.

The collections do not provide systematic coverage of the flora and fauna of the region. Particular features of the collections include over 17,000 specimens of butterflies and moths, some 10,000 other insects and molluscs, 300 mounted vertebrates (mainly birds), over 1,000 birds’ eggs , some fish preserved in spirit . The Herbarium has been transferred to Hitchin Museums as they hold the county collection.