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Pope Lady Buns

Posted on: 8th September 2014 By: Sue Davies

Pope lady buns are a St Albans' tradition worth reviving.  St Albans Museums helped to spread the word by holding a tea party at the Museum of St Albans last Saturday.

The Pudding Stop provided us with 100 delicious buns and we sold out.  The money raised will go towards the New Museum and Gallery which is underdevelopment. 

There are various stories about pope lady buns.  The most plausible is that a medieval lady gave money for buns to be distributed to the poor.  She did this after the group she was travelling with got lost in the dark.  They found their way safely to St Albans thanks to the lights in the Clock Tower and, in gratitude, the lady made arrangements for the buns to be given out.  

For two recipes for Pope lady buns, click here>.