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Setting up the Museum

Posted on: 9th December 2014 By: Sue Davies

This afternoon I read  the minutes from a meeting held on 27th January 1896 about buying display cases.  The meeting was held in the public library in St Albans and was one of many recorded in a minute book.  I went on to read about the arrival of the cases and how, on 4th July 1896, a temporary museum was opened in St Albans.  This temporay museum evolved into the Museum of St Albans, where the minute book is now held (2008.6109).

The minutes dealt with topics familiar to those of us involved with the development of the new museum and gallery in the town hall.  For instance there were discussions about; the costs of laying the foundations for a museum building, which objects should be put on exhibition and the question of fees for hiring the lecture hall.  We may not be talking about using incandescent gas lights but, more than a century later, we are dealing many of the same things.