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Seventies St Albans

Posted on: 20th August 2014 By: Catherine Newley

For a week in August, St Albans Museums created a pop-up 70s exhibition in a local shop. The aim of the exhibition was to have a 70s display in a location outside of our museum building to encourage more people to visit and to generate interest for our exhibition in the museum in September.

The pop-up display featured photographs from the Review Newspaper, a free paper that was set up in St Albans in 1973. The newspaper’s archive was transferred to the museum about ten years ago but we didn’t know much about some of the photographs so we chose a mixture of images depicting well known events but also some mysteries. To accompany the photographs, we also had the odd space hopper, brown and orange rug and plenty of 70s records to get people reminiscing.

The display was a huge success, with much more impact than we had anticipated – we had over 1000 visitors in the 7 days we were open and collected some fantastic comments about the photographs on display – including the identification of several people featured in the images. We also collected some memories of people who lived or grew up in St Albans in the 1970s and got some tips about the subjects to cover in our main exhibition. When the exhibition opens in the museum on 6th September for a month, we hope to get even more of this sort of information and it would be great if we can get some new acquisitions as well!