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St Albans Young Archaeologist Club

Posted on: 23rd December 2016 By:

St Albans YAC meets once a month at the museum and draws from a pool of 40 children from the area, aged between 8 and 16.

In January we looked at Architecture and had a walk around St Michaels looking at the various types of buildings to be seen in the local area.

February saw us welcome the very talented James Dilley who came to talk to us about all things Stone Age and who demonstrated flint (…and glass!) knapping. In March, Tess Machling talked to us about the use of Replicas in Archaeology and we got to play with a replica Bronze Age Sussex Loop which may, or may not, have been used as a bracelet. In April, we had a return visit from Roland Williamson who came to talk to us about Boneworking and who even let us blow a real horn! In May, we came closer to home and learned about the Romans before looking for the lumps and bumps in Verulamium Park that show where the Roman remains can be seen.

In June, many of our families visited the World Archaeology Festival at University College London where we did Cave Painting, Flint knapping, digging, tried our hand at object conservation and also had our Mayan birthdays written down!

Following our summer break, we welcomed back Roland and James in September for a pewter and metalworking day: we all had a go at making cordage and hammering our own pewter pendants to take home. In October, we decided to recap on Archaeological techniques and were lucky enough to eat a superb stratigraphy cake, made by one of our helpers, Hilary. In November, we welcomed Dave Rayment, a local detectorist, and Phillipa Walton, our local Finds Liaison Officer to talk to us about Responsible Metal Detecting.

At our December meeting we had a Christmas party, dressing up as famous archaeologists and people from history, including Boudicca, Sir Mortimer Wheeler, and Cleopatra, and watched Night at The Museum! We had a lot of fun.

We really have had a great year and would like to thank Verulamium Museum for hosting our events and providing great support. Also our volunteer leaders do a great job in finding fun things for us to do: a big thank you from us all.

The children of St Albans YAC