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Teaching Prehistory

Posted on: 18th March 2015 By: Fiona Charlesworth

The photo above shows replica flint axes being uncovered as part of our new session for teaching prehistory to primary school pupils.

Thanks to a grant from Hertfordshire Museums we have developed a session that teaches pupils about the distant past.  Pupils are introduced to the role of archaeologists and are able to investigate both real and replica Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age objects.

The teaching session is designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and last week we visited Mandeville School to test it.    The session sparked a variety of questions and the Y3 children were enthusiastic.  They especially enjoyed holding the 10,000 year old hand axes!   Based on their comments we are going to make a few improvements before rolling the session out from September 2015.  

If you are interested in booking a “Prehistory Explorers” session for your class please get in touch with me at the Museum by clicking on my name above.