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Young Archaeologists' Club

Posted on: 19th October 2015 By: Freya (aged 10)

The St Albans and District Young Archaeologists' Club is based at Verulamium Museum and usually meets once a month. Freya, one of its members shares what they got up to at their last meeting. . .

"On the 10th October 2015, the St Albans Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) branch was visited by Roland Williamson, a re-enactor and replica maker. He dressed up as a Saxon warrior and showed us all of the layers the warriors wore; the linen, wool, leather and mail. I think our favourite was the mail: it was really heavy and made out of 30,000 rings all looped together. It was so heavy even the adults found it hard to hold up.

He also showed us some of his replicas he’d made in the past; there was a sword from the time of King Canute and another from an earlier period. We could see the difference between the two replicas: one was thicker and heavier looking than the other and they dated from about fifty years apart. We all got an opportunity to hold the swords, which were made of metal, but weren’t that heavy.

At the end of our meeting we made our own replicas out of clay - some people made bracelets, goblets and even tiny swords. We used different methods to do this. My favourite replica to make was the Celtic bracelet: it was made using plaiting and twisting which produced an amazing result.

I would like to thank Roland and everyone involved with YAC for this amazing day."

Freya (aged 10)


St Albans and District Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC) is open to everyone aged 8–16 years. YAC clubs get involved in all sorts of activities, including visiting and investigating archaeological sites and historic places, trying out traditional crafts, taking part in excavations, and lots more.
A team of volunteers runs the club: if you want to know more about how they recruit YAC volunteers and make sure children at YAC clubs are well looked after, check out the FAQs on the main website or visit 
If you’d like to get in touch with St Albans and District YAC, please contact Brian Adams or Tess Machling on