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Social History Collection


The social history collections comprise a wide range of objects relating to the development of St Albans over the centuries, from a market town to the modern city we see today.

We aim to represent all aspects of local life in the collections. From domestic objects to items of costume or local industry, we collect very selectively focusing on objects with a particular connection to St Albans District.

As well as individual items of interest, we also look after a number of significant collections. Of particular interest to local people is the large collection of topographical material – prints, watercolours, drawings and photographs depicting local places and landscapes. 


We also care for a large collection of trade tools, brought together by local resident Raphael Salaman and added to the museum’s collection in the 1970s. This comprehensive collection covers a wide variety of trades and illustrates how important manual craftsmanship once was.


You can find out more about what we have in our collections by searching online here.