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Work Placements


Some of the opportunities we offer …
* rummage in the archives, as you help our Curators catalogue, document and photograph the collection.

* meet new people and help the Museum team at public events.
* learn more about Roman times, assisting in the Education department creating and running new family and holiday activities.

Recent projects involving volunteers:
* A pop-up museum of over 70 objects: 'Objects on Demand', 2015-2016

* A buildings research project and audio installation: 'Talking Buildings', 2016

FAQs  For info about expenses, training, insurance etc. click here>

Contact  If you would like to receive our Volunteering Newsletter to see what upcoming opportunities are available, or if you have any queries, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Julia on


If we can’t match you to a suitable volunteering role at the moment then we will be happy to advise you about other upcoming projects.