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From wildlife to wellbeing trees play a central role in all our lives and over the last year lockdown walks have encouraged lots of us to get out into the countryside and see trees, hedges and fields from a new angle. 

Inspired by Kate Bretherton's book, The Remarkable Trees of St Albans, this exhibition will help you to explore the world of trees from the soil they grow in to the insects, birds and animals that call them home. We hope it will also leave you with lots of ideas of how you can help trees, hedgerows and our whole environment:


Trees for our planet

We know trees are crucial for our survival – but why are they so important? What parts of the trees play which roles and what can we do to support sustainability? Investigate a tree trunk up close, discover the Wood Wide Web and how trees and hedges in our back gardens and streets can make all the difference to the world.

Trees for your wellbeing

The pandemic has taught us the wonder of going for a local walk – we’ll help you learn what trees you’re seeing! The benefits of being amongst trees to both your mind and body will be explained for children and adults. Look at trees from a different angle through music, poetry and art created by local artists – what will you create inspired by trees?

Trees as your career

Working with trees is a career option for anyone – often bringing a mix of outside working, traditional and modern skills and a great sense of achievement.

What can you do?

The exhibition will help you explore what you can do; for our planet, for wildlife, for yourself and our future. Think about what we buy and how we can use our money to help, or hurt, trees and hedges. Learn how, even in the smallest garden, a log pile can help support your local wildlife and if you don’t have a garden at all discover the importance of window boxes.

For walks, talks and activities linked to the exhibition visit the World of Trees website

World of Trees events and activities

You can download trail to start exploring the trees of St Albans today

Tree Action Group Tree Trail
Snapshot of the trail of trees across St Albans city centre

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