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Key Stage 3

If you are planning a visit, please email or phone 01727 751814 to talk to our Bookings Officer and discuss availability.

Verulamium Museum – self guided tour
Duration: 1 hour
Cost:  £2.50 per person (including adults)

Students can explore the Museum galleries to see the artefacts from Roman Verulamium that were discovered during excavations just across from the Museum in Verulamium Park. They will be able to find out what  people looked like, what their homes were like, what they ate, what jobs they did, their religious beliefs and how they spent their spare time. You are welcome to download and copy an activity sheet.

Touching History -  Roman Artefact Handling Session  History, English 
Duration:  1 hour
Cost: £80 for up to 32 children

In this hands on session, children will experience the thrill of handling a variety of real (and replica) Roman artefacts.  Through investigating the artefacts they will be able to make deductions as to how the people of Roman Verulamium kept themselves clean and tidy, constructed their homes, cooked and ate.  

To find out more you can download the programme description.