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Tudor St Albans Handling Objects

See below the images used in our Tudor St Albans Handling Session.

  • A Candle Holder
  • A Chaffing Dish
  • A Horn Cup
  • A Pee Pot
  • A Pewter Cup
  • A Pewter Plate
  • A Pewter Spoon
  • Pottery Dripping Dish
  • Replica Wooden Spoon
  • Stoneware Drinking Vessel
  • A Tyg
  • A Wooden Trencher
  • Clay Pipes
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Part of Dairy Dish
  • Pieces of Cooking Pot
  • Peices of Tudor Costrels
  • Pipkin
  • Replica Tudor Costrel
  • Replica Tudor Ink Pot
  • Replica Tudor Money Box
  • Replica Tudor Oil Lamp
  • Replica Tudor Pewter Candle Stick
  • Replica Tudor Pewter Chamber Pot