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New Year's Eve 1999 - where were you or your parents, family members or friends? Twenty years on, did you know that 1.5 billion smart phones were sold in 2019? How different is childhood before and after the year 2000? Does technology now define childhood memories?

Young people aged 11 - 18 years old have explored the theme ‘Millennial and GenZ Childhood’ through engagement with arts activities to understand what it means to be growing up between 2000 and 2020 and capturing their childhood stories. The work they have created is exhibited in the gallery as an Augmented Reality installation that you can access via the QR codes displayed.

Exhibit 2020 is a project by BEEE Creative in partnership with MakeAmplify and five Hertfordshire Museums: North Herts, Royston, St Albans, Stevenage and Watford.

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