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We may believe we know all about the English middle ages: The Norman Conquest of 1066, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Crusades, Edward I and his wars, The Black Death in 1348, Henry V at Agincourt. We may also feel we understand the mythos and mythology of the Matter of Britain and the Mysteries. After all, these are the stories told about England's medieval and ancient past. In this lecture, historian Dr Nubia will select and critically assess: history, mythology and mythos to reveal diversity. Africans are etched into the fabric of Englishness. But they are often excluded from our emotional memory of England's distant past. Our journey will explain why this is and offer alternative perspectives for seeing the middle ages.  


You can join us in person for this talk with a chance to visit the Chroniclers of History exhibition from 6.30pm before the talk, or join online for the talk only.


Biography: Pioneering and internationally recognised academic Dr Onyeka Nubia is reinventing our perceptions of methodology and pedagogy in regards to English and British histories. 

He provides strategic support to university heads of departments to decolonise history curriculums and is the writer of Blackamoores Africans in Tudor England and England's Other Countrymen.

Dr Nubia

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