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Living through the Covid Pandemic is the biggest challenge faced by the people of St Albans for over seventy years and has undoubtedly had an impact on every individual and community group living in St Albans. As part of our commitment to contemporary collecting we want to hear about the creative ways local community groups have responded to lockdown.

We are asking any local community groups to share their experiences from when the lockdown was first enforced on the 23rd March 2020 in a creative format. Groups we are already working with have created films, photographs, limericks and a whole range of artworks 

How to get involved

At this stage we would like to hear from your group what your experience has been and how you would like to share it with St Albans.

If you would like to get in touch please download the form below and send it back to with "Lockdown Life" in the title.

What next?

Our plan is to create a pop up exhibition with some of the material collected through the Lockdown Life project to celebrate the ways St Albans communities have come together.

The exact format the exhibition will take, and when it will open, depend on the changing lockdown world we live in. We will create an online exhibition viewable by all and when we are able to reopen we will host a pop up exhibition as well - keep watching our website for more information when it comes.

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