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Tidy Your Room, 2018, ink on paper

Clair Lycett’s artistic practice is largely influenced by the chaos and colour that has become a part of her home while raising a family. The artist’s work focuses on colour, line and light, recently influenced by the surprising forms of her children’s toys, and how her children play with and group these objects together.

The drawings are produced without any pre-planning, but rather as a spontaneous and immediate reaction to the objects. Her bold technique aims to document the fun, freedom and chaotic nature of play.

Clair Lycett

Clair Lycett graduated from Bath Spa University in 1995 with a BA Hons in Fine Art. In 2005 Lycett moved her home and art practice to St Albans.

She creates still-life drawings and paintings that focus on colour, light and line, expressing the complexities related to how light can emphasise and distort. Lycett's latest collection of work is based on the chaos and riot of colour that has exploded into her home since having children.


Instagram: @clairlycett

Hertfordshire Open 2020

This artwork was selected for the first Hertfordshire Open Exhibition. The exhibition online galleries are hosted between and and will be launched in stages throughout April 2020.

Over 180 artists with links to Hertfordshire submitted their work to be part of the inaugural exhibition. Chosen by an independent panel of judges, the exhibition features 80 stunning works by the 50 selected artists, creating an exciting mix of work by established artists alongside emerging talent and first-time exhibitors.

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