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"I am a member of the Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) who meet once a month at the Verulamium Museum. 

On 17 March 2018 we were given the exciting opportunity of visiting an ongoing excavation in St Michael’s School near the museum. Oxford Archaeology have been excavating the site prior to a new extension being built at the school and kindly let YAC members visit to see what they had found so far.

We were shown a floor that could be post-Roman.  This could be a very exciting discovery as so little is known about post-Roman Verulamium. I spotted a black layer in the soil and wondered if it could be evidence of the city’s burning during Boudicca’s revolt! 

We were also shown some Roman and Medieval artefacts which had been found at the site. The visit was fascinating and gave us a great insight into what happens on a professional ‘dig’.

I love being a member of YAC because we get to do such fun and interesting things, go to real historical sites and meet many different visiting historians and archaeologists. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and all of us members get on very well because we share a love of history and archeology. My intention is to become an archaeologist and one day work on a St Albans dig myself."

Poppy, YAC member

Find out more about the excavation from Oxford Archaeology and BBC News.


St Albans and District YAC
Contact: Tess Machling

St Albans and District YAC is open to everyone aged 8–16 years. YAC clubs get involved in all sorts of activities, including visiting and investigating archaeological sites and historic places, trying out traditional crafts, taking part in excavations, and lots more. St Albans and District YAC is based at Verulamium Museum, St Albans and usually meets once a month. A team of volunteers runs the club. If you’d like to get involved with St Albans and District YAC, get in touch with the team using the details above.