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This Educational session is designed for Years 7, 8 and 9.

It has a maximum capacity of 32 students and is £90 per session. 

It is an hour-long skills based workshop that examines history of Verulamium and the structure of Roman society. It asks the students how we know about the past, and challenges them to move beyond the notion of history or archaeology having “correct answers”.

Students are able to handle genuine Roman artefacts, and are tasked with assigning them to one of 4 social groups in the Roman world.  They also work out what the objects are used for, made of, how they were made and how far they have travelled to get to Verulamium.

The session is high-energy and engaging. It is designed to make the students think, debate and develop their evaluation skills.

Skills/Learning Objectives:

  • Develop students’ source enquiry skills through artefact investigation
  • Students will gain an understanding of Roman daily life at Verulamium
  • Students will appreciate the way social status impacted daily life
  • Students will begin to appreciate the inherent bias in the archaeological record and its impact on historical study


Our Educational sessions run from Monday - Friday and are frequently paired with a self-guided tour of Verulamium Museum. 


Bookings are now open for the academic year 2024-25. 

You can use our free online resources about the Romans to prepare your classes for the trip or as follow up activities to embed their learning.