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This Educational session is designed for Year 2, Year 3 & Year 4 (For Year 4 in the Autumn term only) and it is particularly popular with Lower Stage KS2 

It has a maximum capacity of 32 students and is £90 per session. 

In this hour-long interactive workshop students will dress up as the Romans of Verulamium, and be tasked investigating the market and finding the Roman objects on their shopping lists. Students will handle replica items that reflect the artefacts discovered during excavations at Verulamium. Along the way they will have to think carefully about which of the objects on the various stalls are the ones they are looking for, come up with reasons for their selection and present their ideas to their classmates. The session encourages active participation for all students, and allows them to learn in new and exciting ways whilst increasing and developing their knowledge of Roman daily life.


Skills/Learning Objectives

- Students will gain an understanding of Roman daily life at Verulamium

- Develop students’ reasoning and observation skills though object handling

- Students will gain specific knowledge of Roman food, clothing, and lifestyle/pastimes


Our Educational sessions run from Tuesday - Thursday and are frequently paired with a self-guided tour of Verulamium Museum. 



Bookings are now open for the academic year 2024-25. 


You can use our free online resources about the Romans to prepare your classes for the trip or as follow up activities to embed their learning.