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Waterend Barn, St Peter’s Street

“You may wonder why a 17th century barn stands proud in the centre of St Albans. Did you know I’ve only been here for 78 years? I was moved from Waterend Farm, near Sandridge when Lord Brocket decided I wasn’t needed. Though I kept my name, I was given an exciting new identity –   a place to wine, dine and dance!
But, I’m no ordinary barn, I have connections to Royalty and to Sir Winston Churchill. Waterend, where I lived for 300 years, was the childhood home of Sarah Jennings, the first Duchess of Marlborough. I’m the barn that she played in as a child.  The Duchess, later lived in St Albans and was a great friend of Queen Ann.
I’m an aisled barn with seven bays and I’m almost 100 feet long.  To move me 1200 pieces of timber were dismantled and re-erected. The little barn next door, he’s older, he dates back to the 16th century. I’ve been open since 1939; step inside and see how magnificent I am.  Look for the stained glass window and Coat of Arms, the fine tapestry in the small barn and the little Blenheim room –tributes to my illustrious past.”

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