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Welcome to St Albans Museums

The St Albans Museums Service is responsible for two museums and three heritage sites.  Verulamium Museum is built on the site of one of the largest Roman settlements in Britain and is a fantastic place to find out about everyday Roman life.  The Museum of St Albans tells the story of St Albans since the Romans left Britain.  Both Museums are open seven days a week.   

Our biggest current project is the development of a new museum and gallery in the centre of St Albans.  This ambitious project will renovate the town hall building and create a new cultural hub for residents and visitors.  The Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded round one funding.  To find out more about the fundraising visit the St Albans Museums and Galleries Trust's website.

The medieval Clock Tower, the Hypocaust and Sopwell Ruins are also part of the St Albans Museums Service.