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Women doing everything, everywhere, all at once... An exhibition at the Verulamium Museum that will provide a unique opportunity to meet the women archaeologists of the 1930s who brought Verulamium to life and to meet four of the women who populated this ancient landscape 2000 years ago. 

With authentic mud splattered dig notebooks and diaries, hastily typed telegrams and frozen in time photography, come and meet the inspirational female archaeologists of the 1930’s Verulamium dig site!

Then step back further in time to meet four amazing real Iron Age and Romanised women who left their imprint in the archaeological record. Hear their voices echo from the past and listen to spine tingling musical instruments, war horns and marching armies. 

Boudica you might think you know, she is legendary. But you haven't met Regina, Flavia or Sabina yet..

Guest curated by Lexi Diggins, this display is part of our Revisiting the Romans series of interventions at the Verulamium Museum. 

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