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Museum Assistants
Our team of Museum Assistants look after the day-to-day running of our sites. The current team includes: Alex, Carys, Charlie, George, Karen, Kevin, Lisa, Mark, Martin, Matt, Melissa, Natalia, Shajan, Tony and our casuals Ben, Colin, Sue, Sarah and Wendy. Tickets for events can be booked online or by telephoning the museums directly.

Kate Warren (Museums Manager)
As head of the Museums, Kate is responsible for the finances and strategic direction of the service.

Megan Fox (Bookings Officer)
Our Bookings Officer deals with all school bookings and private hires. The phones can be very busy at times and email is a better way to get in touch.
T: 01727 751 814

Audience Development Manager - maternity cover - vacant
Catherine Newley (on maternity leave)
This role manages the Audience Development Team, including the Curators, Learning team and Volunteer Coordinator.

David Thorold (Curator, Pre-historic to Medieval)
Based at Verulamium Museum, David looks after collections from pre-historic times to the Medieval era. He is an archaeologist with particular expertise in coins.
T: 01727 819 334

Simon West (District Archaeologist)
Simon has worked for St Albans City and District for over 25 years and has excellent knowledge of the District's archaeology. Half of his time is spent working on planning matters (including applications) as well as other Council projects.
T: 01727 819 338

Sarah Keeling (Curator, Post Medieval to Contemporary)
Sarah looks after collections from the 15th Century to the present day.
T: 01727 814 602

Farhana Begum (Marketing Manager)
Farhana leads on promoting the museums and looking after our brand. She leads on all our online and offline comms, helping to raise our profile, gain more visitors and generate revenue.

Matt Fittock (Finds Liaison Officer)
Matt records archaeological finds discovered by members of the public. This post is funded by the DCMS as part of the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Matt is based at Verulamium but works across Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire.

Finds: Matt may not always be available on site but finds can be left for future identification and recording. 
Treasure: If you have something you think is treasure - please do report this to us. Objects that count as treasure (broadly) are: objects comprised mostly of silver or gold and more than 300 years old; 2 or more coins of silver or gold and more than 300 years old (a single coin is not treasure); 10 or more coins of bronze and more than 300 years old; more than 1 item of pre-historic metalwork from the same find spot.
T: 01727 819 379

Alison Foster (Conservator of Collections)
Alison's role is to manage our collections care policy and carry out preventative and remedial conservation for both the displayed and stored collections. She works with volunteers and placement participants to achieve this. 
T: 01727 819 508

Eleanor Payne (Learning and Interpretation Officer)
Eleanor is responsible for the family, adult and schools learning programme and overseeing the team of part-time teachers who deliver our popular school sessions. Please visit our Learn pages for more information.
T: 01727 819 337

Sally Beniston (Assistant Learning & Interpretation Officer)
Sally works with Eleanor on the schools, family and adult learning programmes. Please visit our Learn pages for more information.
T: 01727 814 682

Conia Martin (Visitor Services Manager)
Conia works with the Senior Museum Assistant to manage the day-to-day running of both museum sites, including the shop and the Operations team.
T: 01727 864 511

Margreet Bockenhauer (Senior Museums Assistant)
Margreet works with the Visitor Services Manager to manage the day-to-day running of both museum sites, including the shop and the Operations team.
T: 01727 819 232

Julia Good (Volunteer Coordinator)
Julia works closely with our amazing team of volunteers who get involved with a whole range of projects and activities - we couldn’t do what we do without them. If you're interested, visit the Volunteering page.