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The Hertfordshire ME/CFS Support Group is run by volunteers to support people with chronic illnesses such as ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, post-viral fatigue syndrome and long covid. 

St Albans Museums are delighted to host the Hertfordshire ME/CFS Support Group as our community in residence between May 2023 and May 2024. Through working with them, we are gaining invaluable insights into the role that our museums can play in enriching the lives of all of our communities, particularly those who might find it difficult to visit in person. The group are primarily focussed on creative activities while they are in the museums, and have also helped us to develop our collection of handling objects. One group member said:

"What a treat, it was such a thrill holding the Roman coin wondering whose hands it had been in and imagining the stories!" 

More from the group:

"We organise social gatherings, and opportunities for learning and for creativity, both in person and online. We started our year as a community in residence by displaying some of our artwork and poetry on the railings outside St Albans Museum + Gallery to raise awareness of the ‘#Millions Missing’ campaign. We have been using some of the museum spaces for our focussed art sessions and drawing on the displayed collections for inspiration. Look out for our work in the galleries later on in 2024!"

Hertfordshire ME/CFS Support Group

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