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A talented artist and journalist, Frederic Kitton was also an expert on Charles Dickens and published a number of books on the celebrated author. After moving to St Albans, Kitton’s growing fascination with the historic buildings of the Town saw him becoming involved with the foundation of the County Museum. An early advocate of the heritage movement, Kitton moved from drawing the historic past of St Albans to actively trying to preserve it.

This exhibition considers Kitton’s time in St Albans including his work on Dickens, his illustrations  of the area and his developing interest in preserving the town’s historic past.

Redbourn, Herts, 1887 by Frederic Kitton

A watercolour with pencil showing Redbourne in 1887 with the river in the foreground

In memory of John Cox

The origin of the exhibition lies with long time SAHAAS member John Cox who had carried out a large amount of research over many years into the life of Frederic Kitton and whose work this exhibition is based on and dedicated to.

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