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What We Bring is a chance to celebrate the cultural exchange that Britain has experienced from the Roman period to the present day and the knowledge, objects and culture that people bring with them when they travel. 

Guest curated by artist Lexy Morvaridi, this exhibition is displayed across the museum through a series of interventions which explore the existing collection through the lens of migration. Also included are contemporary responses from local migrant communities, celebrating the cultural influences that have been brought from their homelands.


Guest Curator Lexy Morvaridi says:

What We Bring is a deeply personal project for me. As a British-Iranian I come from a migrant background and this has been an opportunity to celebrate heritage, community and cultural exchange, something that was not possible when I was growing up. 

I wanted to explore the incredible Roman collection through the lens of cultural enrichment that travel, and migration produce. Working with the knowledgeable and supportive team here highlighted specific connecting threads between the past and the contemporary. 

My focus has been on celebrating local migrant communities and platforming narratives from different diasporic people. I wanted to capture varying ideas, objects, and cultures that can connect people to where they come from, where they are and the people they meet. 

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