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The Romans would decorate their houses with greenery, just like we do today with Christmas trees and wreaths. Have a go at making your own Christmas wreath with the instructions below.


You will need:

Green tissue paper (plus some other colours for decorations)

A paper plate (or a large piece of card cut into a circle)

Glue (PVA or a glue stick)

Scissors (to cut the tissue paper into squares - an adult can do this in advance)

A pencil

1. Use a paper plate or draw around a plate onto a piece of card

2. Cut a circle out of the middle - this is easiest if you fold the plate in two and draw a semicircle and cut along that line. You should end up with a ring

3. Cut up some pieces of tissue paper into small squares

Materials needed to make the wreath

4. Put a bit of glue on each tissue paper square and scrunch them onto the ring (watch the video below for more help with this)

5. Continue until you've covered the whole ring.

6. Add small scrunched balls of colour as decorations.

7. You could even add a ribbon to finish it off

Photo of finished tissue paper wreath