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Working from studios in Hertfordshire, artists Jane Glynn and Suman Gujral presented solo exhibitions in neighbouring galleries.

Each with a particular style exploring the experience of time and memory, this exhibition shared personal autobiographical subjects through sensitive paintings, prints and associated ephemera.

Jane Glynn's practice explores her personal experience of time and memory through a diverse range of materials such as oil painting, drawing, bookmaking, sculpture, animation and graphic memoirs. 

For this exhibition, Glynn presented twelve oil paintings of garden flowers, with twelve silk pockets of dried flowers and vases, all originating from her family home which she collected and painted over the course of a year. These temporal artefacts map the passage of time just like personal diaries, calendars or memoirs. 

Suman Gujral’s use of etching and monoprinting echos how life experiences and family histories leave their trace; the acid of the etching process leaves both intentional and accidental marks on the plates. Her own personal experience of cancer and her mother’s experience of 1947 Partition in India are both examples of significant life events, which have left an enduring trace upon her. 

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